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US lesbian couple adopts three young brothers

A same-sex couple in Massachusetts have adopted and reunited three young brothers who had been separated.

KC and Lena Currie, who married five years ago, adopted their son Joey in 2018, Pink News has reported.

They later adopted his younger brothers Logan and Noah on 23 November this year – National Adoption Day in the US.

The Curries first met Joey through an event run by non-profit group Children’s Friend.

After adopting him, they received a call from the group telling them that Noah, then just six weeks old, also needed a home.

“We immediately said yes,” said KC.

The following month, the family were contacted again about Logan, whose adoption by another family had fallen through.

They decided to adopt all three of the boys.

“It was our gut feeling,” said KC.

“We were going to end up saying yes because keeping the brothers together was really important to us.

“When they’re older and have questions [about their adoption], they’ll have each other to lean on and experience that ride together.”

The couple said that their sons call them Mama and Mommy respectively.

“A lot of times Joey says, ‘Hey, Mommy-Mama’ – he’ll settle for either one,” said Lena.

Children’s Friend director of adoption Veronica Listerud said that the new family is “what you want to see happen”.

“They’re a wonderful family,” she said.

“They’re flexible – they really understand the kids’ needs, the importance of maintaining sibling relationships and the long-term impact of that.”

In Australia, the law on adoption by same-sex couples once varied between states and territories, but since 2018, it has been permitted in all jurisdictions.

Western Australia was the first state to allow same-sex adoption in 2002, and the Northern Territory’s move to legalise it last year brought it into line with the rest of the country.

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