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BBC’s Dracula is ‘bi-homicidal’, not bisexual

The character of Dracula in the BBC’s upcoming series might be bisexual – but not exactly, according to co-writer Steven Moffat.

The new series implies that the vampire count (Claes Bang) has sex with solicitor Jonathan Harker (John Heffernan) in his Transylvanian castle, which has led to speculation about the character’s sexuality.

Mofatt, however, has sworn that Dracula is not bisexual, according to The Independent.

“He’s bi-homicidal, it’s not the same thing,” he said.

“He’s killing them, not dating them.

“He’s not actually having sex with anyone.”

Moffat has been widely mocked on social media, with one Twitter user calling his comments “genuinely the funniest homophobic sentence I’ve read in ages”.

“Guess this Dracula is really into bi erasure,” wrote another person.

“He loves to appropriate as much as possible from gay culture except the actual thing because he thinks it’s icky,” another user tweeted.

The Doctor Who and Sherlock writer has been criticised before for his comments about women and LGBTIQ people.

Moffat once said that bisexual representation was unimportant because bisexuals “probably don’t even watch” his shows due to being too busy with sex.

Bisexual or not, Moffat’s Dracula is reportedly delightfully camp, and jokingly calls Harker his “favourite bride” in one scene.

The three-part BBC series Dracula will be available on Netflix in Australia in the new year.

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