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UK woman beaten as homophobic hate crimes surge

UK woman Charlie Graham has spoken out after being injured in a homophobic attack last week.

20-year-old Graham was left bloodied after two men attacked her from behind in the street, according to Pink News.

With rates of anti-LGBTIQ violence and hate crimes increasing in recent years, Graham said she had been targeted five times for her sexuality.

She was attacked last Saturday while walking to meet a friend.

“I got hit from behind by a fist to the back of my head, then I hit the ground, hurting my legs and face,” said Graham.

“I tried to get back up, but they pushed me back to the ground and the two guys ran off.

“I was left bleeding and scared.”

Graham said she has suffered headaches and panic attacks since the incident, though prior attacks had left her with even more severe injuries.

On another occasion, she sustained an eye injury requiring stitches.

She reported in yet another attack being punched in the street by assailants shouting homophobic slurs.

“It has knocked my confidence back,” said Graham.

“I don’t go anywhere by myself anymore.

“I only feel comfortable at my mum’s house.

“I have panic attacks and anxiety attacks just thinking about going home, in case they find out where I live and decide to come through the door, or I get attacked in my own home.

“I have had people threatening to come through my door and smash the windows in.”

Graham said she thought she was targeted for not being feminine in appearance.

“It happens everywhere,” she said.

“It’s my bad luck.

“I do look like a boy and I do act like a boy and there is no femininity about me at all.

“But I am not aggressive or rowdy and I don’t pick fights.

“I have never opened my mouth to anybody.”

Home Office data last year showed that hate crimes in England and Wales had increased substantially, with attacks against trans people up by more than a third in just one year, and violence based on sexual orientation up by a quarter over five years.

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