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On top of the world: Mardi Gras celebrations launch above Sydney

The gayest thing that has ever happened on the Sydney Harbour Bridge has to have been Thursday’s live performance by drag star Courtney Act, perched atop the Australian icon, singing to the girders.

The Mardi Gras performance was a celebration of Courtney’s knack for spectacle.

She sang Lizzo and Katy Perry covers, clad in a BridgeClimb jumpsuit with custom rainbow shoulder pads, to an adrenaline-pumped, slightly-scared-of-heights audience who had summited the bridge to wait for her arrival.

The backdrop of Sydney, the living and breathing home of arguably the world’s most admired Mardi Gras celebration, was breathtaking.

Without even a rehearsal or any more room to move than perhaps two square metres, Courtney put on a classic performance, the way she knows how.

Highlights included the audience shouting into the wind to join the chorus of ‘Chandelier’, and Courtney swinging one leg over the railing of the bridge itself, to the clear shock of the bridge guides.

No Sydney Harbour Bridge climb is ever complete without a proposal, and a young gay couple marked Mardi Gras and the night by agreeing to tie the knot, to applause and cheers from the small, cold, but excited crowd.

The first time I saw Courtney Act was long before her Ru Paul’s appearance, in a tiny Sydney club, where she took my breath away and gave me a spark of joy.

She did it all over again on Thursday night, high above Sydney Harbour.

When Mardi Gras rolls around, I try to look for ways that the theme is reflected in what we do and how we do it.

It’s a way of framing the celebration and thinking about how it’s lived out.

This year, the theme of ‘What Matters’ could not have been more clearly lived than in Courtney’s show.

Because sometimes, what matters is having fun, doing something a little bit ridiculous, and feeling on top of the world.

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