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Women thrown out of Perth music festival for kissing

A Perth woman has alleged that she and a female friend were kicked out of the For The Love music festival after a security guard took offence to their kissing.

Asha Couch shared her experience on Facebook, saying that the two were asked to leave supposedly because they were “intoxicated”, though they did not have drinks.

“Around 8 pm, I was sitting on the grass with another girl and we were kissing and talking,” Couch wrote.

“We were not bothering anybody nearby; we were not being loud or disruptive or offensive in any way whatsoever.

“We didn’t even have drinks with us at the time.

“A member of security approached us and told us that we were being kicked out of the festival.

“I asked what we had done wrong, and was simply told that we were too intoxicated and needed to go.”

Couch said she and her friend had not been behaving a way that warranted being ejected from the festival.

“Neither I nor my friend were being anything but respectful to the people around us,” she wrote.

“We were not too drunk or causing any problems – we were just kissing.

“I had seen countless heterosexual couples, far drunker than us, all up in each other’s faces all day with no complaint from security.

“It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what the security guard really took offence to.”

Couch said she contacted the For The Love festival after the incident but initially received no response for a week, before she took to social media with her complaint.

She said the organisers have since contacted her privately and indicated that they will be investigating the incident.

“This was the first time I’ve been made to feel small and unwelcome due to my sexuality,” Couch wrote on Facebook.

“I never want to feel this way again but unfortunately, we’ve still got a long way to come with LGBTQ+ discrimination.

“If no one says anything, nothing changes.”

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  1. Iron this happened at the ‘For The Love’ concert. Is it really 2020 or are we back in the ’50s?

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