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Artists and fans pay tribute to industrial music legend Genesis P-Orridge

Tributes have flowed for industrial music pioneer and legendary performance artist Genesis P-Orridge, who passed away on the weekend following a two-year battle with leukaemia, aged 70.

A champion of trans visibility and LGBTIQ rights, P-Orridge described their identity as “third gender” or “pandrogyne” and used non-binary they or s/he pronouns.

In an interview shortly after their leukemia diagnosis in 2017, they said they would accept any pronouns but he, because they had gone through too much to be misgendered as male.

“Trans is the symbol of the ultimate evolution of our species,” they said.

“It should be that we all can be whoever and whatever we want to be, and that is the ultimate expression of spiritual knowledge, the process of becoming.”

P-Orridge and wife Lady Jaye, who died in 2007, were known for their Pandrogyny Project, in which the two used cosmetic surgeries to more closely physically resemble each other over time.

P-Orridge’s band Throbbing Gristle was a pioneer of the industrial music genre in the 1970s.

They later founded cult experimental band Psychic TV and were nicknamed the “godparent of industrial music”.

Artists including Cold Cave, Skinny Puppy, and Laura Jane Grace are among those who have posted tributes to P-Orridge on social media, praising their influence on alternative music and avant-garde performance art.

Manchester-born P-Orridge lived in the US for the last three decades of their life.

They criticised the erosion of trans rights under the Trump administration, saying the “dangerous” country had regressed to the 1950s.

“I feel one of my responsibilities, having a voice, is to speak up and say what I think is wrong and why,” they said.

“In times of darkness, the best strategy is to use the opposite of what they’re using.

“If they’re being angry and vicious and violent, we have to be kind and gentle and loving.

“Most of all we have to be compassionate.

“If we do that, we really can change it.”

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