Penguin Baby Sphengic with Sphen and Magic
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Celebrate World Penguin Day with Australia’s cutest rainbow family

The most adorable gay dads and their famous baby are getting ready to celebrate World Penguin Day with their fans at home this weekend.

Penguin power couple Sphen and Magic, along with their daughter Sphengic, will appear in an exclusive livestream update from Sea Life Sydney Aquarium this Saturday 25 April.

A year and a half after the penguins captured hearts around the world by caring for and hatching their foster egg, the aquarium will take fans live on the ice with the sub-Antarctic family, sharing an update on their joys and experiences.

Newborn Sphengic. Photo: supplied.

“Whether in attraction or via social media, we’re constantly inundated with questions about the Sphengic family, so we’re very excited to take Sphengic fans from all around the world behind the scenes in our Macquarie Island–inspired exhibit,” said Tish Hannan, Penguin Department Supervisor.

“Join our entire penguin colony for some morning enrichment activities, before Q&A with our team who are ready to answer all of your burning Sphengic questions!”

Gentoo penguins Sphen and Magic became an inseparable couple during the 2018 breeding season, and made history by hatching baby Sphengic – the attraction’s first sub-Antarctic penguin chick since the colony joined the Darling Harbour family in 2016.

They have since become international celebrities, even making an appearance in season two of the Netflix series Atypical.

Like all penguins, Sphengic’s sex was unknown when she was born.

She spent the first months of her life as perhaps the world’s most famous gender-neutral penguin before DNA tests showed she was female.

“Whilst it is very important for our keepers to know the sex of new members of the colony for population management, gender is a different thing entirely,” said Hannan last year.

“As penguin parents share equal responsibility of raising young, building and maintaining the nest, gender roles aren’t defined in penguins.

“So whilst baby Sphengic is a female on paper, that’s where the role ends.

“She’ll grow up to play both mummy and daddy one day – just like Sphen and Magic.”

The Sphengic family. Photo: supplied.

The Sphengic family, as well as all the other King and Gentoo penguins who call the aquarium home, act as ambassadors for their species, helping to educate the public about the plight they face in the wild.

Saturday’s special World Penguin Day event will livestream on Facebook from 9 am Australian Eastern Standard Time, allowing Australians and international fans alike the chance to join in.

While Sea Life Sydney Aquarium is currently closed to the public during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, the virtual aquarium still has previous livestreams, activities, and more.

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