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Backlash against UK government over plan to attack trans rights

The UK government’s planned legislation to ban trans women from women’s spaces has been met with opposition from the community and cis supporters, including celebrity allies.

A leaked government report suggests that reforms to the Gender Recognition Act are to be scrapped, while new legislation to ‘protect’ women’s spaces such as bathrooms will attempt to exclude trans women.

Almost 8,000 cis women have signed a letter to equalities minister Liz Truss slamming the plan, Pink News has reported.

The signatories have condemned attempts to “depict trans rights as a new threat to cisgender women like ourselves”.

“We are incredibly concerned that the language you have used is very similar to the anti-trans rhetoric used by transphobic hate groups and organisations such as Woman’s Place UK, Transgender Trend, and the LGB Alliance,” the letter reads.

“We reject this assessment.

“As cisgender women, we are angry that these groups claim to speak for us, and try to justify their bigotry against a vulnerable minority in our name.

“It is disturbing to hear an equalities minister repeat their talking points almost word for word while outlining plans to reform trans rights.

“The fact that you chose to make this a priority during the biggest crisis the world has faced in decades is even more disturbing.”

Politicians, journalists, and women’s charity workers are among the signatories to the letter.

Jameela Jamil is also among the high-profile opponents to the government’s plan.

The British actor, who came out earlier this year as queer, took to social media to criticise the proposed regulations.

“Trans rights are human rights,” she tweeted.

“I would have any trans woman in my protected spaces as they need protection more than anyone.

“They are in the most danger in our society.

“They are us.

“They are our sisters.

“Boris Johnson, this plan to push them out is #NotInMyName.”

Changes to UK law on single-sex spaces would require alterations to the 2010 Equality Act, which the government had previously ruled out.

Excluding trans people from any space would be not only discriminatory but impossible in practice.

The ongoing ‘bathroom debate’ has already led to widespread harassment not only of trans women but of cis women who are wrongly assumed to be trans.

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