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One in five Australian Tinder matches is queer

Dating app Tinder is expanding its Orientation feature a year after launching it in Australia last Pride Month, following massive success with the LGBTIQ community.

The new feature, which allows users to identify and prioritise their sexual orientation, was created in partnership with US LGBTIQ organisation GLAAD.

Users can identify with up to three of nine orientations: straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, asexual, demisexual, pansexual, queer, and questioning. 

One in five Tinder matches is queer, with Generation Z users (aged up to 25) 20% more likely than Millennials or Generation X users to use the Orientation feature.

Generation Z are also 37% more likely to choose more than one orientation, such as straight and questioning.

In addition to Orientation, Tinder will also expand its More Genders feature globally in the coming months.

First introduced in 2016 and developed with LGBTIQ organisations including GLAAD, the feature allows users to identify from more than 30+ genders.

It has also been most popular with younger people.

“At Tinder, we believe everyone deserves to feel seen, which starts with the ability to authentically be yourself,” said Elie Seidman, CEO of Tinder. 

“That’s why we introduced both the Orientation and More Genders features.

“Our younger members, Gen Z, are leading the way to a more inclusive world and we know that with our scale, we can help make a difference with our product.

“We can’t wait to release these features to more people around the world.” 

The expansion of the new gender and orientation features follows last year’s launch of Traveller Alert, a feature designed to help protect users from the inherent risk of using dating apps in the dozens of countries that still criminalise being LGBTIQ.

Tinder is the world’s biggest dating app, with more than six million users, and has made more than two billion matches.

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