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School responds to backlash over ‘God hates homosexuals’ book

A Brisbane school principal has responded to criticism over revelations that students have been taught from a book preaching homophobic hate.

Moreton Bay Boys’ College has come under fire for including in its curriculum The Teen Sex by the Book Handbook by Belinda Elliot, based on Christian sexologist Patricia Weerakoon’s controversial Teen Sex by the Book.

The book, which demonises gay and trans people as engaged in “sexual sin”, has been slammed by sex education professionals as inappropriate and inadequate.

Moreton Bay Boys’ College is the only Queensland school that has been including the handbook in its curriculum.

It invites students to consider whether “God hates homosexuals” and teaches that the “ungodly lifestyle” of gay and trans people should not be approved of, as well as suggesting that female victims deserve rape.

Principal Andrew Holmes this week wrote to parents of students to advise the book will no longer be used, QNews has reported.

“On reflection, certain quotations and views referenced in the handbook… do not reflect the diversity of views around gender and sexuality within the Uniting Church, or the lived values of our college,” Holmes wrote.

“Therefore, we have made the decision that the student handbook will no longer be used.

“Our inclusive and supportive Christian culture provides a safe environment where all boys’ and staff viewpoints are respected.

“We pride ourselves on providing boys with learning that is relevant to today’s context and that of the future.

“Our college values affirm the importance of respect for others and understanding of those whose views may be different to our own.”

Sex education expert Deanne Carson recommended in 2015 that use of Teen Sex by the Book in schools be discontinued immediately.

“STIs, heartbreak, regret, shame, and sexual violence are portrayed as inevitable outcomes of premarital sex and are to be avoided at all costs,” Carson said at the time.

“When discussing anal sex, an entire page of risks is given in the teacher’s manual without any advice on safer practices for anal sex.

“The [Teen Sex by the Book] curriculum does not offer fact-based information on contraception, birth control, STIs, or consent.

“These are essential elements of a comprehensive sexuality education program.”

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  1. This book is still being used as part of the Year 10 compulsory Christian Studies curriculum at Trinity Grammar School in Sydney NSW. Requests from parents and students to have it removed have fallen on deaf ears.

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