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New conference to bring together bi+ communities

Bi+ organisations across Australia and New Zealand have collaborated to create the inaugural Stand Bi Us Conference, to be held later this month.

More than 30 free events, both online and in-person, will make up a week-long celebration for Bi+ Visibility Day, which is commemorated annually on 23 September.

The opening event will be a discussion with Shiri Eisner, author of Bi: Notes for a Bisexual Revolution.

The organisers said that bi+ people (referring to all multi-gender-attracted folks, including pansexuals) have long been the silent B in the rainbow alphabet, often suffering stigma, misunderstanding, and invisibility from both the queer and heterosexual communities.

The Stand Bi Us Conference aims to celebrate community, visibility, and expression, across Australia and New Zealand and beyond.

The conference events will include a range of workshops, panels, arts performances, discussions, groups, and even a party, with in-person events where legal and possible.

Topics will range from polyamory to pansexuality to pets, and many more.

The full listing of events is available online.

Bi+ people have often spoken of the need for community, given the stigma and myths around their identities.

Some have had their sexualities pathologised, been discriminated against for who they are, or experienced domestic violence.

Many bi+ people have experienced stress and isolation, and these can be associated with poorer physical and mental health outcomes.

Bi+ networks and events can allow people to connect with like-minded peers and build a sense of belonging and community.

The Stand Bi Us Conference has been made possible by a collaboration of more than 16 bi+ organisations around Australia and New Zealand and a grant from the Pride Events and Festival Fund, Victoria.

The inclusion of live-captioning on Zoom events will make the conference even more accessible for people in the community.

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