Photo: Facebook | Maria Paola Gaglione.

Woman killed by brother over engagement to trans man

An Italian woman has been killed by her brother over his disapproval of her engagement to a trans man.

Maria Paola Gaglione, 22, died last week after her brother Michele Antonio allegedly rammed her motorcycle with his vehicle, Pink News has reported.

Antonio was reportedly angry after his sister announced her engagement to partner Ciro Migliore.

The couple were riding on a motorcycle toward their home in Acerra in southern Italy last Friday when Antonio appeared behind them on the road.

He allegedly followed and then rammed the motorcycle, causing it to spin and crash.

Migliore was injured in the crash that killed Gaglione, sustaining a broken arm as well as bruising.

Police said they found Antonio at the scene beating Migliore’s unconscious body.

Family members said he and his sister had a history of clashing over his disapproval of her having a relationship with a trans man.

Antonio claimed he did not intend to ram Gaglione and her partner of three years, and relatives have called the death an accident.

“I wanted to teach her a lesson, not kill her,” he told police.

Migliore posted a tribute to his fiancée on Instagram.

“I can no longer imagine my life without you,” he wrote.

“I can’t sleep anymore.

“I think of you, my love, I miss you, I miss you so much.”

Daniela Falanga, president of local LGBT+ organisation Comitato Provinciale Arcigay Di Napoli Onlus, said the attack was one of the most explicitly transphobic incidents he had witnessed.

“This is a heinous case in which they manifest themselves two serious violence, [the murder of a woman] and an act of transphobia,” said Falanga, who was “shocked and angry” about the incident.

The scene of the crash has become a memorial, with mourners placing candles, notes, and flowers by the road.

Antonio was arrested and is being held in custody but has not yet been charged.

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