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LGBTIQA+ voting guide released for Victorian election

Ahead of  Victorian local council elections, Jewish LGBTIQA+ organisation Aleph Melbourne has announced its 2020 Local Council Elections Voters Guide

The guide for people living in councils with high Jewish populations is designed to inform voters to best identify council election candidates who have pledged to support and promote efforts to foster a culture that is inclusive, responsive, and accessible to LGBTIQA+ Victorians.

The Voters Guide is primarily based on the Victorian Pride Lobby Rainbow Votes site, which calls on candidates to campaign for and support:

  • Rainbow Tick accreditation for council-run services
  • the establishment or continuation of an LGBTIQA+ advisory committee to council
  • the development and implementation of an LGBTIQA+ action plan for council
  • flying the rainbow flag from council buildings on LGBTIQA+ awareness days
  • marching in Pride March or participating in Midsumma or local pride events.

Dozens of candidates from around the state, representing various parties, have taken the pledge to make Victoria a better place for LGBTIQA+ people.

Aleph Melbourne’s guide contains the names of the candidates who have responded to the Rainbow Votes pledge in full, in part, or as a refusal. 

The guide will be reviewed and updated periodically.

The organisation encourages voters to locate their voting ward, review their candidates’ levels of support for LGBTIQA+ issues, and vote in a way that prioritises LGBTIQA+ equality.

They have also encouraged voters to contact their local candidates directly if they require additional information not included in the Voters Guide.

The Aleph Melbourne 2020 Local Council Elections Voters Guide follows on from previous similar publications including the 2013 Voters Guide to Marriage Equality in Jewish Melbourne and past local and state election guides.

Local council elections for Victoria will be held by post this month.

Aleph Melbourne is a secular social and support group for LGBTIQA+ people of Jewish heritage.

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