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Australian asexuals celebrating Ace Week with online events

Asexual people and their friends are in the midst of Ace Week, an annual event for the community to meet and celebrate.

This year’s celebration is being held online, with events hosted on Zoom, Discord, and YouTube.

Founded as Asexual Awareness Week in 2010, Ace Week began in the United States as an awareness campaign to encourage LGBTQ+ organisations to support the ace community.

This year, a group of Australian asexuals have come together to launch their own local Aussie Ace Week.

Asexual participants are advocating and educating about their identities, meeting other asexual people, and sharing their stories and experiences.

Asexuality is sometimes defined in subtly different ways, but a general definition is that asexual people do not experience sexual attraction, said organisers.

This is different from celibacy and abstinence, which are active choices not to have sex – and anyone of any orientation can make these choices if they want to.

In contrast, asexuality is a sexual orientation, with the a meaning ‘none’.

An estimated 1% of the population is asexual.

Along the ‘ace spectrum’, or under the ‘ace umbrella’, are many other identities that are welcome and valued parts of the community.

Two of the most common are demisexual and greysexual.

From Sunday 25 October to Saturday 31 October, a series of online events are being held, covering everything from mental health to relationships to representation in the media.

“It’s exciting because, at a time when our individual groups have been unable to gather and engage in our local communities, we’ve reached out and connected with one another to develop this week of events that has been planned by ace people across the country,” said co-organiser Kate Wood.

The week’s events include panel discussions, trivia and games, online parties, and more.

Details are available on the Aussie Ace Week Facebook page.

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