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Opinion: Gender self-ID would most benefit intersex people

Intersex people are 1.7% of the world’s population, and even though that doesn’t sound much, that is about 150 million people.

Being intersex from birth but not finding out until I was in my 30s was a struggle for me.

Why didn’t I know about this? Why aren’t we taught about this in biology? Why are we hidden?

LGBTIQ is often shortened to LGBTQ+, which is annoying, but I believe we are slowly getting noticed.

The UK is further behind than countries like Malta, Germany, France, and Australia in being more friendly to intersex people.

I find going to the doctors difficult recently, especially seeing as some doctors just love to feel my balls up, and I find myself getting pushed down the trans route.

Sex and gender are different, and sex isn’t binary – we are all different (even you), and you can’t put intersex people into a box.

But I find myself having to tick ‘male’ in everything I do, as my birth certificate states that I am male, even though doctors are now saying this is not exactly true.

The ‘self-identification’ storm that has been the centre of public discussion has been hijacked by the feminist movement and the trans movement, and us intersex people have been left out shifted to one side.

But self-identification would benefit us the most, as intersex people are for all intents and purposes outside the binary: we can identify as male, female, trans, or non-binary.

I believe that self-identification should be given to people who are intersex, as long as they have seen an endocrinologist – I need to see one again, but thanks to COVID, it’s been cancelled.

Hopefully, by next year’s Intersex Awareness Day we will have seen some changes, but under the circumstances we find ourselves in, unfortunately I don’t think this will happen.

Lastly, I want to talk about intersex surgery that is happening all over the world, where babies are given surgery to ‘correct’ them, which could leave them unable to have kids or with complications in later life.

These babies do not need this surgery performed on them and it needs to stop!

I hope one day this world becomes more accepting of intersex people, but I think we are 40 years behind gay rights and 20 years behind trans rights, so we have a fight on our hands.

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