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Sex toys for men and gender diverse people increasing in popularity

Although male sex toys are continuing to increase in popularity, some taboo remains about openly discussing them.

A third of men say they sometimes use sex toys, compared to four in ten women, according to sexual wellness brand Lovehoney’s Sexual Happiness Survey.

Sex and masturbation can help improve mental health and ease stress and tension, with almost three quarters of people saying it reduced anxiety.

Lovehoney is looking to help destigmatise the use of male sex toys with the launch of its innovative new Blowmotion range.

Lovehoney’s new resident male sex coach Cam Fraser said that men need to start talking more about using toys to enhance their sex lives.

“One of the biggest benefits of masturbating is getting to know our bodies and what we enjoy,” Fraser said.

“Masturbation offers you a space to explore pleasure without the judgment or the pressure of anyone else being involved.

“Sex toys are a great addition to both solo and couple play.

“They are designed to be an extension of your sexual potential, with the ability to enhance play and enable you to explore your own body to find out what you like.”

Toys for LGBTIQ people

Fraser said that all kinds of people can enjoy a range of sex toys, including queer couples and trans folks.

“If you are in a same-sex relationship, masturbation can also be enjoyed together as part of partnered pleasuring,” he said.

“Throwing a sex toy into the mix helps couples maximise their intimacy levels and increase desire and sexual satisfaction.

“For people who identify outside the gender binary, masturbation can seem quite intimidating as it involves aspects of the anatomy which they might not be 100% comfortable with.

Image: Lovehoney.

“An important thing to remember is that masturbation doesn’t always have to involve the genitals and doesn’t always have to end in an orgasm.

“There’s no set list of erogenous zones as everyone’s bodies are different and react in different ways.

“What works for one person may not work for another, so take the time to explore your body – you may be surprised by what turns you on.”

Blowjob masturbator road test

We tried the Blowmotion Suction Rechargeable Male Masturbator, a device that looks like a penis pump with a wired controller, that simulates oral sex for people with penises.

The new technology has a dual vibration and suction function.

As a trans man with smaller anatomy than average, I found it a little roomy – this can be hacked by either placing something like tissues between the layers of the device to make it snugger, or popping a small bullet vibe inside the tube.

Personally, I’m used to stronger vibration from toys, but I enjoyed using the Blowmotion and it got the job done.

My cis partner had the opposite problem to me, finding the tube a little tight.

He found the vibration better than the suction function, and reported an overall reasonable experience.

The reviews of this product on Lovehoney’s website are good, and I would recommend giving it a try, but be prepared for a tight fit if you’re much girthier than average.

Masturbation is a win-win

Fraser said that masturbation and using sex toys can help people get to better know themselves and their partners sexually.

“Masturbation is a win-win,” he said.

“Using sex toys should be openly encouraged as something both positive for physical and mental wellbeing, as well as pleasurable.”

Sex toys for all genders, including the new Blowmotion range, are available now from Lovehoney.

Pink Advocate received product samples for this story.

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