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Photo: Twitter | Eddie Izzard.

Eddie Izzard praised for affirming use of feminine pronouns

Genderfluid comedian Eddie Izzard has been congratulated by fans for publicly using she pronouns in a television appearance.

Izzard appeared this week on Sky Arts’ Portrait Artist of the Year, where artists competed to create her portrait, referring to her for the first time on television by feminine pronouns, the Independent has reported.

“I am essentially transgender,” said Izzard in a 2017 interview.

“I have boy mode and girl mode.”

Appearing on Portrait Artist of the Year, Izzard, aged 58, said, “I think everyone should and must make life an adventure.”

Amid social media debate, fans have praised the comedian for asserting her pronouns and posted supportive messages.

“Just sent a note to my publishers requesting that future editions of High Heel use the correct recently reiterated pronouns of Eddie Izzard,” tweeted writer Summer Brennan of the “high heel icon”.

“They were different when we went to press, and that’s fine. I’ve long been one of her biggest fans.”

“I can’t tell you what she means to me,” wrote comic Shappi Khorsandi.

“Rocked my comedy world when I was a teen and beyond. Changed everything, made room.

“I love her and this morning I’m very happy for her.”

Izzard, who began her career wearing dresses, has previously famously said, “They’re not women’s clothes. They’re my clothes. I bought them.”

The star has announced that she will run 31 marathons in 31 days next month, raising money for charities supporting disadvantaged people, according to Runner’s World.

Each treadmill marathon will be followed by a livestreamed stand-up gig.

The Make Humanity Great Again campaign “stands for unity, the sharing of beliefs, and the power of human beings uniting across the continents and around the world”.

“As a campaign, it seeks to promote a fair chance in life for all, particularly those who experience disadvantage and discrimination,” said Izzard.

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