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First annual International Asexuality Day announced for 6 April

The inaugural International Asexuality Day has been announced, with the annual day set to be celebrated on 6 April.

Organisers said that the day will be “a coordinated worldwide campaign for ace advocacy, celebration, education, and solidarity”.

“International Asexuality Day celebrates the full asexual spectrum: asexual, greysexual, demisexual, and all other ace identities,” they said.

“It’s designed to promote the work of ace advocates, especially in non-anglophone and/or non-Western countries, though everyone is welcome to take part!”

Ace advocates around the world will organise activities to mark the day.

International Asexuality Day is designed to complement other asexual community events such as Ace Week in October.

“The day can also serve as a focal point for giving asexuality some visibility in the first half of the year, useful for countries for which the end of October is a difficult time of year for ace advocacy,” said organisers of the international event.

The exact date of International Asexuality Day will be reviewed after this year.

In Australia, social and support group Australian Asexuals will coordinate celebrations.

“International Asexuality Day is about the ties that bind acespec [asexual spectrum] people across the world,” said a spokesperson.

“To us, that means building on our relationships with other advocacy groups, especially the smallest and newest groups in our region, and using our membership base to highlight what they do and draw attention to the issues they face.”

Participating ace organisations around the world said they want to improve visibility of an often invisible or misunderstood group.

“We want to use this day to promote the visibility of asexuality in the Netherlands,” said a representative of Internationale Dag van Aseksualiteit.

“There is a lack of representation of asexuality in our country, so we want to give people from our community a platform to let everyone know that we are here and we are proud of who we are.

“We furthermore want to use our platform to give a voice to those in the international ace community who, for whatever reason, aren’t always heard.”

Organisations in other regions from Latin America to Africa will be involved in celebrating the day.

More details are available on the official website and social media including Twitter and Facebook.

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