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Lesbian couple in battle for legal recognition as parents

A lesbian couple expecting their first child this month are fighting to both be legally recognised as his parents.

Natalie and Katie Perez-Muldoon of Gibraltar are attempting to change the law so that both can be registered as parents on their son’s birth certificate.

Under the current legislation of the self-governing British territory, only Natalie, as the birthing parent, will be recognised.

“As a lesbian married couple, we jointly and lovingly embarked on the IVF process to grow our family,” the couple said on social media.

“It is absolutely heartbreaking, the thought that our family is not afforded the same legal standing as heterosexual families here in Gibraltar.”

The existing process for both parents to be legally recognised is lengthy and complex, according to the Gibraltar Chronicle.

The baby would first have to be registered under a single-parent household, then Natalie would have to relinquish her parental rights so that the couple could begin the adoption process.

This would involve providing character references, visits from social services, and a court appearance to prove their fitness to parent their own child.

Katie called the regulation “absurd and totally unacceptable in what is meant to be a country that is committed to identifying and eradicating discrimination in order to build a fairer society.”

The couple, who have been married for five years, are in a race against time to change the law before their child is born in a few weeks.

“This can’t be allowed to be put on the back burner for any longer,” said the couple.

“The clock is ticking to fix this discriminatory law.”

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