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Binary Busting Broadcast to highlight diverse community voices

An Australian radio station will broadcast seven hours of continuous trans and gender diverse programming next weekend in the lead-up to Trans Day of Visibility.

Melbourne community station 3CR’s Binary Busting Broadcast will feature trans and gender diverse folks exploring trans art, music, health, politics, and culture.

The line-up of presenters and guests will include Simona Castrium, Sally Goldner, MV, MJ, the crew from Sweet Dreams, and more.

Coordinator Tilde Joy said that the dedicated event for Trans Day of Visibility will be the first of its kind for 3CR. 

“I was keen to get involved as soon as I heard it might be a possibility,” said Joy. 

“For me as a trans woman, I’ve always bristled a bit at the whole ‘day of visibility’ notion.

“Every day, I am hyper visible, my gender is a battleground, and my identity is increasingly sensationalised by some of the most powerful forces of reactionary politics. 

“I thought to myself: this is great, what we need is a day of audibility, a day to be heard, where we can speak for ourselves.” 

Joy said that the Binary Busting Broadcast is set to allow such a day for the community.

“We’re going to be having shows about all kinds of things: inclusive architecture, prison support programs, trans-led healthcare, non-binary drag performers, trans women in experimental music,” she said. 

“There’s a huge range of presenters, with an array of diverse gender identities. 

“In particular, we wanted to reflect the theme of Binary Busting, so there’s an emphasis on non-binary experience, but also on the colonial nature of the gender binary.”

The special broadcast, from noon to 7 pm next Sunday 21 March, will be streamed so that people around Australia and the world can tune in.

It is supported by a Pride Events grant from the Victorian Government.

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