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New adult card game to help open the conversation about sex

A new adult card game is set to start conversations on sexuality and relationships for individuals, couples, and beyond. 

Global sexual wellness brand Lovehoney has joined up with author, podcaster, TV host, and Flex Factory founder Flex Mami to encourage discussions about sex and wellness by creating ReFlex x Lovehoney: Questions About Sex.  

The game is fun, unique, inclusive, and designed to trigger open conversations, helping people improve their relationship with sex and intimacy. 

The pack includes 50 cards with thought-provoking questions such as ‘What was the first sex talk you received?’, ‘What’s your favourite thing about sex?’, ‘What makes you confident about your sexual identity?’, and many more.

The game is for just about everyone, from those who have ever wanted to develop a more open-minded attitude towards sex or take their sex life to the next level, to people who are not sexually satisfied and want to uncover why. 

Played alone, it’s a self-developmental exploration with prompts to ask yourself questions you may not have thought of before. 

Played with a sexual partner or even friends, it opens up the conversation to understand each other better, encouraging mind-blowing sex through consent, communication, and honesty.  

“The impacts of not talking about sex are beyond detrimental,” said Flex Mami. 

“The sooner we normalise the simple conversation around body parts, mutual pleasure, and consent, the better. 

“We invite people to have more complex discussions about sexual identity, kinks rooted in trauma, and the role sex plays in our personal lives.

“This game is for people who have sex and people who want to have sex… consensual, communicative, honest, open, and affirming sex.”                                         

Director and Head of Operations Rob Godwin said that Lovehoney is “on a mission to get more Aussies opening up about sex and enjoying a fun and fulfilling sex life”. 

“Through this amazing collaboration and partnership with Flex Factory, we hope to encourage all adults to remove the taboo and shame around talking about sex,” said Godwin. 

“We’re excited to give this sex-positive card game a platform to reach many adults who struggle to know where to start when exploring their sexuality.” 

ReFlex x Lovehoney: Questions About Sex is the latest Flex Factory conversation game to make players think about sex. 

It is available to buy online now.

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