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ACON launches training to support LGBTQ people after sexual assault

Thousands of professionals in health, human services, law enforcement, and government across New South Wales will receive access to essential new training on supporting LGBTQ people who have experienced sexual assault.

ACON, the state’s leading LGBTQ health organisation, will provide the online training to increase community understanding of LGBTQ people and their experiences with sexual assault, assisting in improving responses and support.

The LGBTQ Communities and Sexual Assault eLearning program will be provided free to more than 4,000 professionals across sectors including domestic and family violence, homelessness, alcohol and drugs, health, mental health, law enforcement, corrections, and tertiary education.

It will be delivered over the next two years by Pride Training, ACON’s consultancy program that specialises in LGBTQ inclusion training and professional development.  

“We know that when LGBTQ individuals access some mainstream services when seeking support for experiences of sexual assault, they can encounter barriers that may prevent them from getting appropriate care and support, which can result in poor health outcomes,” said ACON CEO Nicolas Parkhill.

“This new training offering from Pride Training will assist professionals and organisations with awareness and understanding of issues uniquely faced by our communities when it comes to sexual assault.”

The course is divided into seven self-paced modules featuring animations, videos of community members, quizzes, interactive learning components, opportunities to reflect, and assessments.

Following the online training, ACON will host a webinar for professionals wanting to learn more about inclusive practice and ensure their service is inclusive for LGBTQ people. 

“We thank the many people across New South Wales who continue to provide vital support to those impacted by sexual, domestic, and family violence,” Parkhill said. 

“This training will provide professionals with the tools and information needed to help them better respond to LGBTQ people who have experienced sexual assault.”

More information and pre-registration for the course are available online now.

The training has been developed with funding from the State Government. 

Since 2015, Women NSW within the Department of Communities and Justice has supported ACON’s work in building community awareness and improving service delivery for LGBTQ people affected by domestic and family violence.

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