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RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 6: Who to beat, who to watch, who to worry about

After two episodes, RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 6 has already seen chaos and drama. 

Unlike previous seasons, which often had fan favourites and queens who had performed extremely well, Season 6 has many left-field choices. 

The unpredictable cast makes it difficult to predict who is most likely to make it and who will go home sooner rather than later. 

(Spoilers ahead!)

The ones to beat

Ra’Jah O’Hara and Eureka

Even before the competition started, I pegged Eureka as a queen to beat. 

Although not the most popular amongst fans, there is no denying her talent. 

Her talent show performance was not the most outstanding, but it definitely proved she could sing, and all three looks in the Blue Ball were polished and deserved high placement.  

Someone I did not peg as an early frontrunner is Ra’Jah O’Hara. 

During Season 11, Ra’Jah was best known for her shady confessionals and beefs with fellow contestants. 

However, she did not excel in challenges, often placing low or in the bottom two. 

But in All Stars Season 6, Ra’Jah is a completely different queen, currently slaying the competition.

She placed high in the talent show with her one-minute dress and won the Blue Ball. 

If Ra’Jah can maintain this momentum, she will remain a queen to beat.

The ones to watch

Kylie Sonique Love, Jan, and Scarlet Envy

Most drag queens are known for being loud and taking all the air in the room, but Kylie Sonique Love is not most queens. 

Despite her reserved nature, Kylie proved she was formidable by securing a top spot in the Blue Ball, serving three looks that showed her range. 

Her performance in the reading challenge was also top-quality – her saying that Ginger Minj was shaped like a deep breath was my favourite read. 

If Kylie can keep this up, she could quickly establish herself as a frontrunner.

Scarlet and Jan have had similar trajectories on the show. Both performed extremely well in the talent show, with Jan singing the house down and Scarlet doing a unique bubble-blowing burlesque number. 

Both also served conceptual, high-fashion looks for the Blue Ball. For both challenges, they were safe. 

Scarlet and Jan still have plenty of time for high placements, and both have the talent to go far in the competition – it just depends how invested production is in them.

The one to worry about

Trinity K Bonet 

With Serena ChaCha and Jiggly Caliente now gone, the next queen I am worried may leave is Trinity K Bonet. 

TKB has the weakest track record of the remaining queens, absolutely floundering in the talent show and serving two horrendous looks in the Blue Ball (although her third look was stunning and probably the best of the night). 

It also looks like she is falling into old habits, seeming very defensive when interacting with the other queens. 

I don’t think I am ready for TKB to go home just yet, but for her to stay in the competition, she will need to smash the next few challenges.  

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