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Trans-inclusive skincare range offering support during HRT

An Australian brand is offering world-first trans-specific skincare for people who are using hormone replacement therapy.

The creation of makeup artist Ben Gardner, AntiBeauty aims to “smash stereotypes” and help everyone love their own beauty.

Gardner said that at the heart of the business is its philosophy that while clear skin can be a confidence boost, nobody needs “fixing”.

“We’re trying to do things differently from the rest of the beauty industry,” they said.

The name AntiBeauty is “a screw-you to the industry” that reflects “fighting against that unattainable or unrealistic beauty standard”.

“We don’t tell our clients that this product will make you more beautiful; our message is that you’re already beautiful,” said Gardner.

AntiBeauty goes further than companies that are beginning to feature trans models in their advertising, providing products tailored for the special skincare needs of people who are using hormones.

“With skincare, one product suitable for everybody is never the case,” Gardner said. 

“No one [in the beauty industry has been] looking into what occurs to someone that’s transitioning, to their skin.

“There’s no one that’s actually assisting with this.”  

Trans men and others using testosterone often experience oily skin or acne, and people using estrogen and related hormone therapy can develop sensitive or delicate skin.

AntiBeauty offers an award-winning range of natural, vegan, carbon-neutral skincare, including products for trans skin, mature skin, and more.

“I wanted to create a company that has a range of products that essentially are suitable for any skin type,” said Gardner.

“They’re perfect for hormone replacement therapy and also assist people that are suffering from endometriosis or going through menopause or puberty.”

Gardner said they had been motivated by hearing many trans people complaining that their old skincare routines had stopped being effective.

Many had feared going to judgemental beauty departments for advice, and some had even experienced effects such as chemical burns from harsh products.

skin quiz can be the first step to finding the right skincare products.

“Everyone’s skin is different,” said Gardner.

“We’ve got a range of products that can be customised specifically for someone’s needs.

“Everyone deserves to feel beautiful in their own skin.”

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