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Canadian Quinn set to be first openly trans, non-binary Olympic medallist

Canadian soccer midfielder Quinn is set to become the first openly trans and non-binary Olympic athlete to take home a medal.

Quinn is part of the Canadian women’s soccer team, which won the semi-final over the US in Tokyo on Monday, and is set to take home gold or silver depending on the outcome of Thursday’s final.

Quinn said that they were mindful of the discrimination facing trans women in particular and “sad knowing there were Olympians before me unable to live their truth”. 

Although Quinn is the first openly trans athlete to compete in the Games, New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard was the first to qualify for competition and the first openly trans woman to compete.

Amid much furore, the International Olympic Committee reiterated last month that Hubbard was eligible to compete under the current rules.

The International Weightlifting Federation has also ruled Hubbard’s trans status irrelevant to competition.

Hubbard was eliminated from the Olympic final on Monday after failing to register a lift, Forbes has reported.

She thanked the International Weightlifting Federation for showing that “weightlifting is an activity that’s open to all of the people in the world”.

Other trans and non-binary athletes joined Hubbard and Quinn at this year’s Olympics for the first time since regulations were changed for the 2004 Games in Athens.

Alana Smith, the first non-binary athlete to represent the US, competed in women’s street skateboarding on a board decorated with their pronouns.

Smith placed last but said they were proud to have been “a visual representation for humans like me”.

Cyclist Chelsea Wolfe was the first openly trans athlete to join the US Olympic team, as a reserve BMX rider, but did not compete in this year’s Games.

A number of openly gay, bisexual, and queer athletes are competing in Tokyo, including star diver Tom Daley and five out members of the US women’s rowing team.

This year’s Olympic Games will conclude this Sunday 8 August.

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