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Image: YouTube | Siena Liggins.

4 underrated queer songs for pride and celebration

Gay anthems, from Lady Gaga to Todrick Hall, are a way for many to express LGBTIQA+ pride and support, but more amazing queer songs also deserve to be recognised. 

Here are four underrated gems that you should definitely check out.

‘Naked’ – Siena Liggins 

Siena has always been open about the fact that she wants to make music for girls who like girls, and she really pulled it off in this flirtatious and catchy song.

‘Naked’ is a slow-beat song with sultry intimate vibes that are relatable when we are fantasising about a crush. 

The video is colourful and sexy. It makes you feel beautiful and wanted, especially since the lyrics don’t hold anything back. 

‘The Village’ – Wrabel 

Openly gay American musician and songwriter Wrabel released ‘The Village’ in 2017, shortly following then President Trump’s tweet about banning trans individuals from the military. 

The song is about a trans teen who is struggling to find acceptance, especially from his family. 

It talks about the struggles and challenges many trans teens go through and is an assurance that there is nothing wrong with being trans.  

‘Only a Girl’ – Gia Woods

Gia came out to her family in 2016 through ‘Only a Girl’, a song about her first same-sex relationship. 

She continues to be unapologetically real about her sexuality in her music. 

She channelled all her emotional experiences into her first album, and it was definitely a vehicle for LGBTQIA+ representation in the music scene.

‘First Time He Kissed a Boy’ – Kadie Elder

Kadie Elder is a pop group from Denmark with one of the most positive gay videos I have ever seen. 

‘First Time He Kissed a Boy’ is a beautiful song, and the video is simply ethereal. 

The song is about a boy discovering his sexuality at a young age and the confusion and difficulties that came with the realisation he is gay.

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