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Advocates ask Biden to encourage Morrison to support LGBTIQ+ equality

Advocates in Australia have urged US President Joe Biden to address LGBTIQ+ equality with Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Just.Equal Australia has written to Biden to ask him to speak with Morrison about the benefits of LGBTIQ+ inclusion and equality.

The letter comes as Morrison is due to meet the President at the White House.

“The Biden administration is taking great steps forward on LGBTIQ+ inclusion and equality while the Morrison Government is heading in the opposite direction by proposing to weaken existing protections,” said Just.Equal spokesperson Rodney Croome.

“We have written to President Biden asking him to explain to Mr Morrison the benefits of LGBTIQ+ inclusion and equality.”

Biden was famously an early supporter of marriage equality, while Morrison did not support such reform for Australia.

Croome said that differences between the US and Australia have deepened since then.

“While Joe Biden has issued executive orders to widen LGBTIQ+ discrimination protections, Scott Morrison has proposal to roll back existing protections in the name of ‘religious freedom’,” he said.

“While Joe Biden has made it clear discrimination against trans and gender diverse people is unacceptable, Scott Morrison has fuelled the flames of prejudice and stigma towards transgender people.

“If the US and Australia are to work more closely together, it is vital that Australian LGBTIQ+ human rights standards rise to the same standard as America’s.

“It is also vital that there be a frank and honest exchange when one nation, in this case Australia, falls short.”

Biden made history in his November election win speech by acknowledging the trans community among other minority groups.

The President signed an executive order on his first day to protect LGBTIQ+ people from discrimination by federal agencies.

In January, he scrapped the ban on trans people openly serving in the US military that had been introduced by former President Trump.

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