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Lesbian suing former employer over discrimination and forced resignation

A US woman is taking her former employer to court, alleging that she was harassed and discriminated against after coming out as a lesbian.

Julie Anne Stamps is suing finance company Ramsey Solutions, which is run by evangelical Christian Dave Ramsey.

Stamps was married to a man when she began working for the company but said she later came to terms with her sexuality and divorced last year, The Tennessean has reported.

According to the lawsuit, Stamps was encouraged during that time to confide in her supervisor at the company, which is known for its conservative Christian values.

When Stamps shared that her divorce had been because of her sexuality, her supervisor allegedly encouraged her to undergo Christian conversion therapy with a counsellor who had “saved” someone else from being gay.

The supervisor subsequently told Stamps that she would not be permitted to be open about her sexuality on social media or bring a female partner to work events.

She alleges that she felt forced to resign when she was told to choose between her employment and being open about being a lesbian.

After Stamps resigned, with her last day at Ramsey Solutions intended to be 19 June, the US Supreme Court ruled in a separate case that discrimination based on homosexuality breached the Civil Rights Act.

Immediately following the 15 June ruling, Stamps’ employment was terminated early by the company, she has alleged.

Ramsey Solutions has denied ending Stamps’ employment and accused her of fabricating her claims.

“As Ms Stamps knows, she left Ramsey Solutions voluntarily and on good terms to pursue another career opportunity,” said a company spokesperson. 

“Months later, Ms Stamps changed the story to falsely accuse her former supervisor and friend of discrimination. 

“While we are saddened by Ms Stamps’ sudden reversal, we look forward to defending the company and her supervisor.”

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