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Kenyan advocates form groups to fight for LGBTQ community rights

With society viewing them as outcasts and the government out to trample their rights, members of the Kenyan LGBTQ community have come up with new ways of securing their rights and confronting discrimination.

Lobby and rights groups have recently been formed by individuals who dare to be openly LGBTQ.

With the existence of these new groups, LGBTQ people have felt protected and safe in a society that wants to deny them everything, including the right to live.

They have not shied away from confronting the authorities and individuals or groups who have been infringing on the rights of their members.

Here are some of the organisations pushing to change the narrative and status quo in their quest for an LGBTQ-inclusive society in Kenya.

With an active presence on social media, these three groups have given LGBTQ people a sense of pride and security. 

They are always at hand to mobilise people and resources in defence of community members whenever a problem arises.

Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya

With operations across all corners of Kenya, this forum has been able to bring together a good number of LGBTQ associations and organisations to form an umbrella body.

The coalition engages in defending and protecting all rights that should be enjoyed by its members, which have been denied in the past.

It pushes for equal health, education, and employment rights for the LGBTQ community.

Gay Kenya Trust

The Gay Kenya Trust is a human rights lobby that focuses on defending and protecting the rights of LGBTQ community members.

It engages through media advocacy to create awareness about the existence of the LBGTQ community and make society understand that gay, lesbian, trans, and bisexual people are human too.

National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission

This lobby brings together human rights defenders, lawyers, and scholars who have been pushing for respect for the rights of the LGBTQ community.

The organisation has been helping LBGTQ people fight cases of discrimination, harassment, and abuse in court, many of which have been won.

It has also been pushing for the legalisation of same-sex relationships and marriages in Kenya, a conversation that has divided the country.

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