Seychelles: An idyllic spot for a romantic African getaway

Northeast of Madagascar, Seychelles has been making big steps in LGBTQ+ rights, making it one of the friendliest parts of Africa for the community.  

The small archipelago is known for its breathtaking aesthetic of beaches, coral reefs, and nature reserves. 

In 2016, Seychelles made the landmark decisions to legalise homosexuality and ban employment discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Seychelles largely depends on tourism, one of the reasons it has invested in LGBTQ+ travel.

Luxurious tailor-made LGBTQ+ travel packages allow travellers to enjoy all the idyllic beauty of the islands while not having to worry for their safety. 

Seychelles is one of the best romantic same-sex honeymoon spots in Africa. 

With a tropical climate, rich variety of wildlife, authentic Creole gastronomy, and amazing activities, it is a great destination to unwind at a luxury resort with your new spouse. 

However, as much the government and the LGBTQ+ community strive to make Seychelles as queer-friendly as possible, a few challenges such as social attitudes remain.  

Most locals operate by a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy – discretion and refraining from overt public affection are advisable for all couples, gay or straight. 

The influx of LGBTQ+ tourism has enabled the local LGBTQ+ community to campaign for more equality. 

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Seychelles is making progress and considered tolerant, but more needs to be done.

Africa is currently lagging when it comes to LGBTQ+ rights, with homosexuality only legal in 22 out of 54 countries and only South Africa recognising same-sex marriages. 

Only seven African countries have discrimination laws protecting LGBTQ+ people, making it hard for queer travellers to visit some regions. 

Most African countries have harsh attitudes towards the LGBTQ+ community, and their governments offer no safety for openly queer travellers, making it unsafe to visit – some LGBTQ+ tourists have even been jailed.

Hostility towards LGBTQ+ people has put LGBTQ+ travellers at high risk and made it difficult for other African countries to invest in queer tourism.

Seychelles is pioneering LGBTQ+ tourism and taking legal measures to protect all travellers without discrimination.   

By championing LGBTQ+ tourism, Seychelles is shifting societal attitudes and proving that not all African countries are intolerant. 

It is also highlighting the slow pace of change in public attitudes towards homosexuality in other African countries, who will soon have no choice but to start real conversations on demonstrating tolerance.

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