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Aussie Ace Week events held online for second year

This year’s big Aussie Ace Week is again being held online, bringing together asexual people and their friends from around the country.

A range of community social and educational events kicked off with the official opening on Sunday and will continue through to this Saturday 30 October.

Discussions and panels this year will include diverse topics such as mental health, coming out, discussing asexuality with family and friends, intersections with disability and neurodivergence, activism, and sex education. 

Monday night will include a discussion on asexuality in Australian culture.

Wednesday night will feature a fun trivia event, and the week will conclude on Saturday night with an online games night and afterparty.

Organised by national community group Australian Aseuxals, Aussie Ace Week gives the asexual community around Australia the chance to come together to exchange ideas, share knowledge, and make new connections.

Founded as Asexual Awareness Week in 2010, Ace Week began in the United States as an awareness campaign to encourage LGBTQ+ organisations to support the ace community.

Our own local Aussie Ace Week was founded last year, also as an online event due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

An estimated 1% of the population are asexual, an orientation that describes a lack of sexual attraction – but not necessarily a lack of romantic or other kinds of attraction to others.

The asexual spectrum or umbrella includes a range of asexual identities.

Increasingly considered part of the queer or LGBTIQA+ community, asexual advocates have asked other queer people to strive for inclusion and educate themselves about ace issues

This year also saw the inaugural International Asexuality Day celebrated on 6 April.

The various community events promote ace advocacy, celebration, education, and solidarity.

More details of this week’s Aussie Ace Week online events are available from the Facebook page.

Tickets are free and available now.

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