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Australian men have the second most sex partners

The average Australian man has sex for the first time aged just under 18 years and has more sexual partners in his lifetime than men in most other countries, new research shows.

Manual’s Men in Numbers report studied men in 35 countries around the globe – not specific to queer men but not excluding them.

It found that Australian men had an average of 13.3 lifetime partners, second only to Turkey at 14.5, and well above the global average of 9.3.

New Zealand closely followed Australia, with men reporting an average of 13.2 sex partners.

Dr Earim Chaudry, Medical Director of Manual, said that “it is important not to compare yourself to these figures”. 

“The number of sexual partners does not correlate with a man’s level of satisfaction with their sex life,” said Dr Chaudry.

The first time

Australian men reported having sex for the first time aged 17.9 on average, and those in New Zealand reported an average of 17.8 years.

Men in Scandinavia lost their virginity the youngest, at an average age of 15 or 16 in Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, and Norway.

Dr Chaudry cautioned men again not to feel pressure from statistics.

“While we can see differences in countries, it is important to remember that men from all over the world should only have sex when they feel ready,” said Dr Chaudry.

Marriage and children

Many countries see men marrying older than in previous years, with first marriages at an average age of 39.3 in Australia and 30.6 in New Zealand.

The youngest grooms were in India, China, and Russia, at an average age of 26 or 27.

“In many countries, we are seeing more and more men marrying in later stages of their life, which may be due to social pressures and priorities changing, especially amongst Western countries,” said Dr Chaudry. 

The study also examined paternity leave entitlements across the countries, which range from none in Russia, Slovakia, and the United States to 480 days in Sweden.

Australia is among nine countries mandating two weeks of paid leave for new fathers.

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