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High schoolers surveyed on ‘queer’ access to ‘normal people’ bathrooms

Students at a US high school have received a survey asking whether they think “queers” should be allowed to use bathrooms alongside “normal people”.

The survey was distributed by the “Anti Queer Association” at Anna-Jonesboro Community High School in Anna, Illinois, Pink News has reported.

Respondents were asked to tick either “Yes, I want queers to go in the bathroom” or “No, I don’t want queer kids to go to the bathroom with us normal people” on the paper survey.

School superintendent Rob Wright said that the survey was quickly stopped when the school became aware of it, and the students responsible had been disciplined.

“I really can’t give any specific information regarding any individual students or what those measures were taken, but I can tell you that this type of harassment is taken very seriously by the district,” said Wright.

“We’re not going to tolerate it under any circumstances.”

The survey appeared in the school two days after the school board confirmed that it was legally required under Title IX to let trans students use the correct bathroom for their gender.

Some parents responded negatively to the news, with one threatening on social media to remove her children from school over it.

Tara Bell, facilitator of the Social Action for Southern Illinois group, said that trans people posing a risk to others in shared bathrooms was a myth and that discriminating against trans students was harmful.

“In reality, there have been no documented instances of violence, assault, or bullying by transgender individuals in restrooms, either in schools or other public places,” said Bell.

“This concept is a myth. 

“But imagine what a student goes through daily; being forced to access a restroom or locker room based on their gender assigned at birth as opposed to the gender of their true self sets off a spiral of issues.

“The student will avoid eating or drinking all day, making participation and focus difficult.

“Overall grades can begin to slip.  

“Students will sit out of physical education classes, facing penalties for non-participation.”

Members of the local community and graduates of the high school have spoken out on social media to express their support for LGBTIQ+ young people.

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