Image: Facebook | Martyn Iles.

Australian Christian Lobby leader says criminalising homosexuality ‘ideal’

The head of the Australian Christian Lobby has told radio listeners that he thinks recriminalising homosexuality in Australia could do “good”.

Managing director Martyn Iles, head of the organisation since 2018, appeared on Vision Christian Radio this week, where a caller asked his stance on homosexuality.

Iles had discussed the responsibility of government to act as a moral guide for citizens.

“If the role of government as you’ve said is to restrain and prohibit evil, then shouldn’t Christians be advocating for the recriminalisation of homosexuality, blasphemy, and other sins?” asked the caller.

Iles agreed that the role of government is “to be a symbol of what is good” and “pass laws that punish what is wrong”.

“Yes… that’s the ideal,” said Iles.

He acknowledged that enforcing such moral laws may be difficult, comparing it to other parts of the world where adultery is criminalised and “false accusations” are possible.

“You end up with the realities of a fallen world creating injustice,” he said.

“Because even though the law seems to uphold an ideal, in a fallen world, it’s so much more complicated.”

Iles then seemed to step back from his initial position, adding, “That’s why I don’t advocate for the criminalisation of some of these things.”

“Because I think the enforcement of them is open to tremendous abuse, and it can end up doing as much harm as it can good,” he said.

The Australian Christian Lobby opposes marriage equality and has spoken out in support of forced ‘conversion’ practices for LGBTIQ+ children.

Recently, it has attempted to weaken anti-discrimination laws that protect LGBTIQ+ people.

In Australia, homosexuality was illegal until the late 20th century, with Tasmania the last to decriminalise gay sex in 1997.

Advocates have raised concerns that changing political circumstances could lead to the erosion of LGBTIQ+ rights.

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