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‘You are not welcome’: The message a Christian college is giving queer students

Citipointe Christian College recently introduced an enrolment contract requiring parents to denounce homosexuality and bisexuality or unenrol from the school.

The contract of enrolment at the Brisbane southside school explicitly equates homosexuality and bisexuality to bestiality, incest, paedophilia, and pornography. 

Within this contract, homosexuality and bisexuality are categorised as a form of sexual immorality. 

When you tell queer children that they are immoral, we risk losing them.

Citipointe Christian College outlines that homosexual and bisexual acts are sinful, offensive to God, and destructive to human relationships and society. 

The contract also states that the college will refuse to acknowledge a student’s gender identity and will only acknowledge gender assignment given at birth.

“We are seeking to maintain our Christian ethos and to give parents and students the right to make an informed choice about whether they can support and embrace our approach to Christian education,” says Principal Pastor Brian Mulheran.

It’s the same argument from a worn-out homophobe’s handbook. 

Biblical excerpts are once again being used to disenfranchise and exclude queer people from certain social spheres. 

We heard it loud and clear throughout the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey, particularly when former Senator Cory Bernardi implied that legalising homosexuality would lead to the legalisation of bestiality. 

Back then, it was decision-makers attempting to deny homosexual couples the right to marriage. 

Now, we are seeing the same sentiments expressed by an educational leader regarding the fundamental right to education.

If these educational decision-makers have the audacity to unequivocally exclude queer individuals from Citipointe Christian College, imagine what it’s like to be a queer student already in this system?

There’s no need to imagine. Since attention has been turned to the college’s enrolment contract, transphobic and homophobic accounts from former students have arisen.

These individuals are shedding light on an issue we suspected was always there.

It is no wonder that clear disdain has been expressed for this enrolment contract. 

An online petition demanding the recall of the contract has accrued over 100,000 signatures in the short period since its release.

The transphobic, homophobic nature of this contract threatens the lives of young queer Australians.

Decision-makers at Citipointe Christian College must listen. 

If this school cannot recognise the importance of access to education for all students, regardless of race, background, gender identity, or sexuality, then it is not clear whether this institution is fit to provide education at all.

Dismantling the transphobia and homophobia that exists at the very core of these institutions is long overdue. Queer children matter. 

Let our educational institutions recognise and uphold that.

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