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How JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure influenced my queer journey (11/27/2021) - An anime series has played an unlikely role in how I experience gender.
Happiest Season: A conveniently gift-wrapped queer rom-com (11/12/2021) - This queer film follows the script of every straight rom-com.
Sydney Mardi Gras 2022 lineup announced (11/10/2021) - The awesome events will range from arty to parties.
Cardi B could officiate Kal Penn’s dream wedding (11/6/2021) - The two crossed paths on a flight after Penn publicly came out.
Bisexual Superman creators receive death threats (11/3/2021) - A new comic has revealed a bisexual Superman character to mixed reception.
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Queer characters surviving horror films shouldn’t be radical  (10/18/2021) - A new Netflix film does something that’s uncommon in horror: queer characters survive to the end. 
Mardi Gras Parade returning to Sydney Cricket Ground in 2022 (10/15/2021) - The 2022 Mardi Gras Festival theme is ‘United We Shine’.
American Express partners with Mardi Gras and Sydney WorldPride (10/8/2021) - “We can’t wait to welcome tourists from across the world back to Sydney."
The Rocky Horror Picture Show and the punishment of male femininity  (9/27/2021) - Even in gay culture, a queer man presenting as femme is still not so accepted.
elvira Elvira delights queer fans by coming out in time for Halloween (9/27/2021) - The icon has revealed her 19-year secret gay relationship.
The Briefs boys return for a stunning musical adventure (9/21/2021) - Cover Up features family-friendly circus performances and spectacular music.
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