Police slow to respond to queer murders (6/2/2022) - Sheila Lumumba was raped and murdered in their home.
STI rates soar among gay Kenyans (5/28/2022) - Some cities are seeing thousands of infections every month.
ACON grants support community IDAHOBIT events to celebrate diversity (5/13/2022) - The global theme in 2022 is ‘Our Bodies, Our Lives, Our Rights’.
Victorian budget neglects LGBTIQA+ health, allocates $7.4M to festivals (5/6/2022) - "The health, wellbeing, and mental health of [LGBTIQA+] people has been at crisis levels for decades."
World conference to host hundreds of LGBTIQA+ activists (4/26/2022) - Over 600 people will meet to strategise for LGBTIQA+ rights.
LGBTIQA+ students supported by Zimbabwe community scholarships (4/21/2022) - Students still face discrimination and other hurdles to completing their studies.
Zimbabwe tabloid stokes anti-LGBTIQA+ hate and discrimination (4/12/2022) - A "bad taste" story might set back the rights of LGBTIQA+ people in the country.
Trans writers refuse to contribute to The Age after transphobic editorial (4/7/2022) - “The implication that ‘trans issues’ are up for debate deeply concerns me.”
Groups pull out of LGBT conference over conversion therapy inaction (4/5/2022) - Britain has been criticised for failing to ban anti-LGBTIQA+ conversion practices.
First long-acting HIV medication listed on PBS (4/5/2022) - Eligible people will be able to take the treatment just six times a year.
sexual assault violence Labor Party promises funding for LGBTIQA+ people experiencing family violence (3/18/2022) - “The government has ignored the LGBTIQA+ community and the services they need completely.”
New peer service for people who practise sexualised drug use (3/16/2022) - Nearly 10% of queer men have recently used meth or GHB.
Minister for Women joins voices against Tas bill to ban trans women from sports (3/11/2022) - "Divisive, hurtful, and utterly unnecessary.”
80% of women with HIV thought they were not at risk (3/9/2022) - Women are being urged to test regularly for HIV.
Flood appeal and crisis support launched by ACON (3/8/2022) - “We want to pitch in and help our communities in this time of devastation.”
LGBTIQA+ sports organisations join Sydney WorldPride for 2023 (2/27/2022) - Queer sports from roller derby to wrestling will feature.
Hobart vigil shows support for trans community (2/27/2022) - Protesters gathered outside the Town Hall during a meeting of the Coalition for Biological Reality.
Morrison supports banning trans women from sports (2/23/2022) - The Prime Minister has backed a “terrific” move to exclude trans women.
LGBTIQA+ entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe call for more business support (2/18/2022) - “We have a life to live. Money to make. Give us empowerment programs.”
Dating app Hinge expands to offer new LGBTIQA+ features (2/15/2022) - The new app features were developed with GLAAD and the LGBTIQA+ community.
Religious discrimination bill shelved after marathon government sitting (2/10/2022) - The controversial bill has been withdrawn.
Snap protests today against religious discrimination bill (2/9/2022) - Protest are being held around the country today to fight the bill.
Controversy continues over police at Midsumma Pride March (2/6/2022) - “We do not believe that police serve our interests by participating against community wishes.”
‘Deeply disturbing’ homophobic bullying revealed at Rio Tinto (2/2/2022) - Huge numbers of employees have faced harassment and violence at work.
Kenyans demand presidential hopefuls clarify their LGBTIQA+ position (1/31/2022) - Homosexuality remains illegal in the African nation.
ACON CEO Nicolas Parkhill honoured with Order of Australia (1/26/2022) - Parkhill has been an advocate for HIV and LGBTIQA+ health for over three decades.
Activists ask police not to march at Pride in Melbourne (1/26/2022) - Most LGBTIQA+ people say they feel unsafe around Victoria Police.
Teacher fired for ‘demonic’ marriage warns against religious discrimination bill (1/24/2022) - A Senate inquiry has heard schools “can and do” dismiss staff for being LGBTIQA+.
Event grant applications open for Mardi Gras viewing parties (1/23/2022) - $100,000 in grants will support venues around the country to celebrate Mardi Gras.
More gay blood donors could ease shortages, advocates say (1/23/2022) - Thousands more blood donors are needed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.