Richmond AFLW players to debut rainbow Pride Guernsey this weekend (1/18/2022) - “This jumper is about pride and the community.”
Hate crime killer to be sentenced after guilty plea (1/16/2022) - Scott Johnson's murderer made a surprise confession in court.
African boy band star Chimano comes out, speaks up for gay rights (1/16/2022) - "Our rights are human rights."
Kenyan government attempts to ban gay students from boarding schools (1/12/2022) - The Minister of Education argued that the move is aimed at protecting the heterosexual majority of students.
Tasmania to suffer most under religious discrimination bill: advocates (1/10/2022) - The bill would have "a disastrous impact".
Aussie podcast shining light on HIV community and historical heroes (12/22/2021) - “Suddenly, we’ve all had to confront viruses.”
‘Targeted for their appearance’: LGBTIQA+ people persecuted by police (12/17/2021) - A new global report shows that people around the world are still arrested just for being queer.
Queer Black feminist author bell hooks dies at 69 (12/16/2021) - “She is an everlasting force and blessing.”
More community calls to ban uniformed police from Pride (12/15/2021) - Controversy continues over police marching in uniform.
Gay bar revellers isolating after Omicron case (12/15/2021) - A person with the highly contagious strain attended two bars on Friday night.
Non-binary drag queen running for Mardi Gras board (12/14/2021) - The TikTok personality wants to break down barriers to diversity.
LGBTIQA+ people at greater risk of eating disorders: research (12/13/2021) - Three quarters of people with eating disorders are unable to seek help.
Self-collect tests to make cervical screening easy and private (12/12/2021) - “The tests are simple to do and are just as effective."
Australian brand challenging physical and psychological sex friction (12/11/2021) - drip is more than a new lube brand.
Commonwealth Games could boycott homophobic countries (12/10/2021) - Countries that persecute LGBTIQA+ people might not host the Games in the future.
Botswana top court upholds ruling to decriminalise homosexuality (12/6/2021) - The country is among just a handful of African nations to scrap homophobic laws.
No vote on religious discrimination bill as Parliament adjourns (12/3/2021) - The Australian Government is divided over protections for LGBTIQA+ students.
Melbourne Queer Film Festival screens Israeli film amid controversy (12/3/2021) - “There can be no ethical partnership with the Israeli state as things stand.”
People without Medicare receive funded access to HIV treatment (12/1/2021) - New cases of HIV have plummeted in Australia.
Secret sex parties help Zimbabwe sex workers survive pandemic (11/24/2021) - Sex workers have used creativity to avoid police and maintain their income.
‘Completely unacceptable’: Religious discrimination bill inquiry promised (11/24/2021) - Critics have called the new draft of the bill "extreme and unnecessary".
National medical body support for LGBTIQA+ law reform welcomed (11/22/2021) - The Australian Medical Association has called for bans on conversion practices and forced surgery.
Queer refugees face uncertain future as Kenya set to close camps (11/22/2021) - Hundreds of refugees may be forced to return to their dangerous countries of origin.
olympic olympics sports trans women athletes IOC delivers new guidelines for trans and intersex athletes (11/19/2021) - The new framework focuses on evidence and fairness.
Satanists challenge Catholics in race to claim religious persecution (11/17/2021) - The Noosa Temple of Satan says it looks forward to being protected by the religious discrimination bill.
Tas advocates fear religious discrimination bill will erode protections (11/17/2021) - The proposed laws have been called an "unprecedented attack" on existing protections.
Most LGBTIQA+ people want uniformed police out of Pride: report (11/16/2021) - A survey shows people think police are disrespectful and don’t understand queer issues.
‘Most homophobic town’ raises rainbow flag for pride event (11/15/2021) - The Tasmanian town has sent a message of change and acceptance.
Trans Community Awards honour Queensland activists (11/15/2021) - The awards honour trans community members and activist friends.
Experimental HIV ‘cure’ approved for human trials (11/12/2021) - The new treatment could allow people to stop taking antiretroviral therapy.