homophobic meme kebab shop Backlash against Sydney kebab shop homophobic meme (9/23/2020) - The owner has shut down the shop's Facebook page amid a boycott.
Margaret Court Tennis great Andy Murray joins call to rename Margaret Court Arena (9/22/2020) - Court has drawn criticism for her outspoken homophobic and transphobic views.
Woman killed by brother over engagement to trans man (9/21/2020) - The woman’s brother says he ‘wanted to teach her a lesson’.
karadzhov united nations United Nations appoints LGBTIQ youth leader to key initiatives (9/19/2020) - Martin Karadzhov will represent LGBTIQ young people in two landmark programs.
girl woman phone depression LGBTIQ people still face health inequalities: study (9/18/2020) - The Victorian study shows that issues including violence and mental health concerns are affecting the LGBTIQ community.
Federal government refuses action on trans workplace discrimination (9/16/2020) - Advocates are looking to Labor and unions.
nixon rowling Cynthia Nixon slams JK Rowling’s ‘painful’ trans diatribes (9/15/2020) - The actor said her trans son has been hurt by the author’s comments.
Hormone treatment for trans teen approved despite mother’s opposition (9/14/2020) - “We got the result last night and we had a bit of a cry.”
ru ok mardi gras ANZ and Mardi Gras grants program supporting community projects (9/11/2020) - The grants will support projects ranging from arts to community development.
bisexual bi pride flag New conference to bring together bi+ communities (9/10/2020) - Dozens of online and in-person events will be featured.