intersex surgery rally march Report calls for laws against forced intersex surgery (10/18/2021) - “Intersex variations are a natural part of human diversity.”
japan rainbow flag trans queer sterilisation Japanese man fighting cruel mandatory sterilisation laws (10/18/2021) - Japan still requires trans people to be surgically sterilised to change their legal gender.
pride parade poland polish march Poland repeals ‘LGBT-free zones’, government homophobia continues (10/17/2021) - A politician has been forced to donate to an LGBT parade over his disgusting comments.
accra ghana New laws spark fear among LGBTIQ community in Ghana (10/17/2021) - A new bill would further criminalise queer people and activism.
heaven nightclub Non-binary LGBT nightclub patron humiliated by gendered queues (10/17/2021) - They were refused entry unless they followed a bouncer’s direction to queue with men.
mardi gras parade sydney cricket ground Mardi Gras Parade returning to Sydney Cricket Ground in 2022 (10/15/2021) - The 2022 Mardi Gras Festival theme is ‘United We Shine’.
kakuma camp refugees Charity raising funds to support ‘traumatised’ LGBTIQ refugees in Kenya (10/14/2021) - “We want to see it given greater prominence so that we can advocate for change in Africa.”
melbourne park public safety ‘Spoiled by men’: Public safety of women, gender diverse people revealed (10/13/2021) - Areas across Victoria need safety upgrades, especially for minorities.
religious discrimination bill faith letter LGBTIQA+ people of faith speak out against religious discrimination bill (10/11/2021) - “This bill doesn't represent Australia in 2021.”
national coming out day rainbow rally National Coming Out Day: Support still needed for LGBTIQ people (10/11/2021) - "Young LGBTIQ people today continue to suffer significant mental health problems because of the discrimination and vilification they still experience."
canberra commissioner parliament house politics politicians religious discrimination bill Politicians shown how religious discrimination bill targets minorities (10/9/2021) - The legislation would allow discrimination against marginalised groups including LGBTIQ people.
darren wildman football coach Football coach fined for taking team off field against homophobic abuse (10/9/2021) - He is appealing the decision by the overseeing association.
ravenhall correctional centre Trans award nomination pulled for Ravenhall Correctional Centre (10/9/2021) - “It is hard to think of a more violent example of the dangerous imposition of the gender binary than prisons.”
sydney mardi gras american express American Express partners with Mardi Gras and Sydney WorldPride (10/8/2021) - “We can’t wait to welcome tourists from across the world back to Sydney."
thorne harbour health family violence campaign New campaign highlights LGBTIQ family violence (10/8/2021) - “It’s a confronting campaign, but we can’t be afraid to have the difficult conversation."
laurel hubbard weightlifter olympic olympics Olympic trans rules update pushed back as weightlifter Hubbard retires (10/8/2021) - The review of IOC inclusion policies has been delayed until next year.
no pride in police Community organisations thank Brisbane Pride Festival for uniformed police ban (10/6/2021) - “Our community’s pride in recovering from a shared struggle is mutually exclusive with the pride of LGBTI+ police officers in their profession.”
france pregnant pregnancy conception ivf fertility Liberty, equality, fertility: France allows IVF for gay and single women (10/5/2021) - A national sperm shortage may mean some people continue to travel to conceive.
blundstone boots pinnacle foundation Blundstone Australia announces support for LGBTIQ+ scholarships (10/5/2021) - The brand has partnered with The Pinnacle Foundation to support young people through study.
kenyan National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission lobby right group women africa Kenyan advocates form groups to fight for LGBTQ community rights (10/4/2021) - The organisations have given the community a sense of pride and safety.
suing lawsuit law legal court legislation massage parlour killing Lesbian suing former employer over discrimination and forced resignation (10/1/2021) - The woman’s supervisor encouraged her to pursue religious conversion therapy.
globe map latin south america honduras honduran Honduran Tatiana García latest trans woman killed in deadly year (9/29/2021) - García was found dead in her home on the weekend.
vic parliament law conversion protections campaign Campaign aims to get more LGBTIQ+ people in Victorian Parliament  (9/28/2021) - Only around 2% of parliamentarians identify as LGBTIQ+.
brisbane pride festival police cops Community responds to Brisbane Pride Festival uniformed cop ban (9/27/2021) - Police been asked not to wear the uniform that many LGBTIQ+ people associate with oppression.
canberra commissioner parliament house politics politicians religious discrimination bill Advocates call for dedicated LGBTIQA+ rights commissioner (9/24/2021) - "We call on the government to appoint a dedicated LGBTIQA+ Commissioner to ensure the human rights of LGBTIQA+ people have a full-time champion."
Joe Biden Advocates ask Biden to encourage Morrison to support LGBTIQ+ equality (9/21/2021) - “The Biden Administration is taking great steps forward on inclusion and equality while the Morrison Government is heading in the opposite direction.”
marriages weddings marry Gay priest refuses to marry straight couples in discrimination protest (9/20/2021) - “I want to show the absurdity, the theological and ethical reprehensibility, of denying marriage to two consenting adults.”
religion church christian Christian school group fighting to keep right to fire LGBTQ+ teachers (9/18/2021) - A Victorian bill to protect teachers from discriminatory firing has unanimous cabinet support.
family couple pregnant assisted reproductive treatment Assisted reproductive treatment reforms for Vic to reduce discrimination (9/14/2021) - Advocates have welcomed the bill but says more changes are needed.
shaun micallef mad as hell fag petition Shaun Micallef responds to complaint over gay slur (9/10/2021) - “If you can’t say it in an office, you can’t say it in the community, including TV.”