respect inc decrim sex work rally Unions throw support behind sex work decriminalisation (3/4/2021) - Sex workers and supporters rallied in Brisbane to call for an end to criminalisation.
rainbow river festival noosa Rainbow River Festival to celebrate LGBTIQ community in Noosa (2/16/2021) - The beloved regional festival is returning for its sixth year.
supreme court tasmania law legal next of kin Tasmanian man in six-year battle for next-of-kin recognition after partner’s death (2/15/2021) - The Supreme Court has still not delivered a verdict on alleged discrimination by the Coroner’s Office.
Virgin Australia Pride Flight to take off ahead of Mardi Gras weekend (2/11/2021) - Drag star Penny Tration will host the fabulous flight.
its a sin hiv tests testing tv Surge in HIV information searches and tests after series It’s a Sin (2/9/2021) - A UK HIV charity has given more tests than ever before.
vic parliament law conversion ‘A debt of gratitude’: Survivor win in new Vic conversion law (2/5/2021) - Advocates have called for other states to follow Victoria’s lead in criminalising anti-LGBTQA+ conversion practices.
Lesbian couple in battle for legal recognition as parents (2/4/2021) - The couple are in a race against time with their first child due this month.
international asexuality day ace asexual First annual International Asexuality Day announced for 6 April (2/1/2021) - “International Asexuality Day celebrates the full asexual spectrum: asexual, greysexual, demisexual, and all other ace identities.”
condom hiv stis sex Research reveals motivations behind condom use among PrEP users (2/1/2021) - The new study asked dozens of men why they did or did not choose to use condoms.
US President Joe Biden reverses military trans ban (1/27/2021) - Advocates have raised concerns that a president can single-handedly decide whether trans people may serve.